land transport energy consumption -Bathroom set
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Now ceramic manufacturing plants mechanized production, get rid of the physical labor of this backward mode of production. Currently, 300 ° C above the furnace, more than one million tons of press, 1000m2 polishing lines and other mechanical equipment are very common, is not an isolated phenomenon, this is the whole development. Bathroom set

     RBI pace and skill on RBI energy, from scratch, never discouraged to place more emphasis on the outside, this is a big step forward. Near to policy tightening is relatively fast, near to the trade associations involved in the supervision and appraisal and inspection of sanitary ceramics energy, hair and then throw some deficiencies, so we are pleased to see that a lot of ceramic enterprises began to do this thing, do better and better, doing more and more model. This is a big step forward on energy RBI. Soon, Guangdong ceramic industry in heat energy RBI Incident, to be set up within the company RBI energy agency, ceramics factory as a pilot unit, wait for the next opportunity to mature, in addition to ceramics enterprises should also set up an Energy RBI agencies operating in accordance with the RBI model .

     Ceramic production focusing on products, transport costs are high. So, after the ceramic industry is still going to take a rational distribution of the country. Glass, cement and ceramics industries have common things in common, land transport energy consumption is great emphasis on the production of the country in the past on how to reduce costs, energy consumption, but ignore the energy consumption of the product caused by long-distance transport. Standard indicators of our national transport energy consumption per tonne kilometer 0.1 kg / standard, which is 1/7 of shipping.

     On the technical equipment management level or to be improved, although it is equipped with a control ceramics factory emissions, waste handling a complicated measure. Through industry research, because of uneven development of the area, out of the exhaust emission standards in some areas of non-compliance.

     Throughout the various industries, no industry like ceramics industries market. With eight words to express my views, "as also Xiao Xiao loser," if there is no adequate pre-market, building and sanitary ceramics will not develop so prosperous. Next, if you still rely on the market to promote the industry, the future may be entered. "He also lost" situation. Building and sanitary ceramics eight consecutive years of double-digit growth.

     This is an important indicator of maturity ceramic industry, ceramic industry brand now has formed some well-known national brands, did very well.

     In the past, the main town of Foshan ceramics production and Jingdezhen. After the reform and opening up, the early 21st century, the gradual formation of the "three mountains, two rivers, a sea of the situation," the so-called three mountains: Foshan, Tangshan, Hebei, Shandong Boshan; two rivers: Jiajiang Sichuan, Fujian Jinjiang; an STI Shanghai. Now building and sanitary ceramics in the country over the meeting, which the industry, the country's economic development is a good thing, it is reasonable use of land resources, human resources, mineral resources, reduce transportation costs, in favor of the lowest cost, benefit maximization.