According to relevant survey
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According to relevant survey, the current Chinese population aged 60 or older accounted for 11.3 percent of China's total population, China has gradually entered the aging society. Children want their parents to buy set for comfort and safety in one of the older special furniture, but the reporter visited more post Xinyu home stores found in Xinyu, consumer groups to the elderly at home is indeed hard to find. Bathroom set

         Why the lack of an aging society older furniture, furniture sales related to believe that the main and consumer attitudes about the elderly, especially elderly we Xinyu, when young are bitter over, old and can not bear for his purchase of expensive furniture, even children buy, will do everything possible to stop. From this perspective, businesses have no interest in Chaozhou toilet to tap the market of the elderly.

         Reporter visited the home square, searching and found the huge stores, large and small store where the elderly are not designed specifically for the brand.

         Elderly home, refers specifically designed for the elderly, home types with functionality and appearance to meet the preferences of the elderly. As for the elderly living in the lift bed, cervical care beds, non-slip material seat style tub.

         Reporter walked into a store that sells mattresses, asked whether there was a mattress for the elderly to use, the clerk actually recommend a price of nearly a million brand latex mattresses, and claimed that because of the soft mattress sleep aids particularly by elderly people are welcome.

         In the home market, the same lack of older furniture. "Related to furniture sales, said children's home with an array of different brands on the market, there is currently not heard Xinyu settled Chaozhou toilet meet elderly household brand preferences, use the functionality available to the elderly is also a lack of furniture." We no furniture specifically for the elderly, some of the children to their parents to buy furniture, try to pick the low bed, corner cabinets, rigid mattress is more suitable for the elderly.

         In the absence of a dedicated old furniture before purchase furniture for older generations, the first choice of peace and tranquility. When you purchase a sofa seat is too low, or to sit and sit soon feel difficult. Chair used by the elderly, the best band back to hold the human spine. The old man's bed should not be too high to avoid the bed is not convenient. The width of the back plate and the seat of the stool should be moderate, because otherwise the blood circulation of the foot hitting the wall temperature decreases after leaving sedentary.Bathroom set

         When a reporter asked about the sale of a network using special non-slip material, seat and armrests with older tub, several small businesses that understand, there is no recent record sales. Only a business that, if necessary, try to factory orders, "If you need it, you must first pay a deposit, the high price of this bath, I was afraid to hit the goods came in his hand.

         Many people will complain about everything you want to buy a suitable home for the elderly to make a gift, but do not know what to choose from. I do not know what is not so much choice, it is more suitable for the elderly at home on the market is too small. Toilet like these, the market is almost not specifically designed for the elderly.

         In the building materials market, the reporter visited several stores bathroom, when asked specifically for the elderly have to use the bathroom, the clerk immediately without hesitation recommend their brand of toilet-store sales, "Older people are not flexible legs, can not use a squat toilet, is dedicated to the elderly toilet bathroom products.

         I understand that Simmons, spring bed soft bed is not suitable for the elderly, for people with muscle strain, osteoarthritis of the elderly are particularly vulnerable, often make their illness worse.