Bathroom set Overall design of bathroom design
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The only option for a small bathroom is to use every inch of space as much as possible. You can hang on the mirror behind the door, a hook or wire is placed. Surrounding the water tank pumping toilet and water combined toilet washing basin looks more clean, but also increase the additional storage rack and shelf. If the ceiling of the room is higher, you can install additional accompanied by a slab of belt pulley rack to put towel and linen fabric. At the same time, in order to create a visual sense of other space, the mirror can play a wonderful role - with the wall of thin film or mirror tiles to the space is divided into two parts. If you don't have room for a conventional bathtub, you can install a corner tub or a bidet. Sink, toilet and bidet can be attached to the wall, and the storage rack can be placed in the corner. Sliding doors or shade can also save space.Bathroom set

The bathroom and other rooms are more expensive than the price, which is quite a number of things. At the same time, it should be comfortable, enjoyable. The use of fixed device is relatively long, so there is a correct design is the key. The room must be kept clean and durable.
When you plan your bathroom, make the most effective solution to the room and the fixed device. Place the shelf of soap and shampoo should be embedded into the modern bathroom. Can along the bathroom built a wide shelves to placing the plant and reading materials. Remember to leave open the doors and windows of the space, to determine the leading and the position of the lamp and a thermostat, while ensuring that the bidet, basin (tub) and closestool knees bend space. If you have a washing machine, please provide good ventilation and drainage for the spill. The towel bar in the bathtub or shower should be easy to reach. You need a lot of space to prevent the bath towel and household linen, hairdryer, razors and lotion.
In a large room, there is considerable space to create a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere space, but bath, tub, sit type bathtub and toilet segmentation on different walls may not be the most convenient and most attractive arrangement. If there is a window at the same time, without interruption, you can close to the bath, so you can enjoy it. Without the support of solid or pressurized steel bath can be used as the center of the room. If you can add a space allows, comfortable furniture, a sofa or chair, or sports equipment. Or turn around the bath floor made low, in order to make the feeling of depression.