Bathroom set Sanitary ware enterprise development must industry to help themselves
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Chinese furniture industry for 30 years, has entered the thirty years of age, at the forum, assistant secretary of state Cai Ying center of Information Resources Development Department said, the next 5 years, the process of urbanization and the annual 10 million shanty transformation, bring the opportunity to the furniture industry, but at present there are more than 7 furniture enterprises, about 200000 furniture brands, so overall, industry concentration is low, at the same time, cheap bargain, has become synonymous with the industry, brand value is low, but the late start, the content of science and technology, technical content is low, the industry's overall management level and management mode is also relatively backward, the power of capital free to soar soil, these problems restrict the development, but also to the development of space left.Bathroom set
China furniture industry annual billboard as the country's furniture industry "Oscar", nearly half of the prize was won back Sichuan furniture, reason, industry associations contributed, in Sichuan Province furniture import and Export Chamber of Commerce executive vice president, Secretary General Rong Yuwei's philosophy, the future development of the industry, the process of enterprise industry self-help, is the chamber of Commerce to give full play to the important bridge platform, to promote and strengthen the results of the process of redemption. Sichuan furniture from 20 years ago to the unknown to the public to export $1 billion 500 million, this year, the domestic market share continues to expand, the chamber of Commerce in different period, according to market changes, resource integration platform, leading industry breakthrough, strongly promote the development of the industry, in 2013, the chamber of Commerce to trade the combination form, build and build new Pacific Operation Center for the entity Sichuan furniture, in southern Sichuan, the success of the pilot, in 2014, the operations center into the Central Plains, in time for the next 5 years, advancing to the 15 National City, to create "Sichuan furniture" golden name card.
Industrial salvation, the government "awesome" or not, has become a key industry success. Over the past 10 years, the Chengdu municipal government support for the furniture industry in Sichuan of Sichuan Province, the government, the industry as a traditional furniture industrial park obvious to people, the metropolis is Qiao, the functions of the government agencies in 2006 set up the only specialized services in the furniture industry.
However, how to grasp the space? At the forum Chinese WTO chief negotiator, former Secretary General of the Boao forum Long Yongtu firmly calls for enterprises, enterprises "behind the industrial salvation". Long Yongtu analysis of the global economic situation, the history proved that the strong industrial base determines the strength of a country, today, the Chinese nation is to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, which is to emphasize the process of industrial development, the revitalization of the real economy. In this process, the furniture industry is China economic transformation of the main force, the furniture industry adhere to the laws of the market oriented industrial strategy, enterprises need to keep an open mind, innovative thinking, Baoding product quality first concept, for China manufacturing technology, science and technology and cultural elements into the more. "Slow down, good products, not only to meet the needs of future large middle class, more to sink in the heart, to meet the needs of the new city, to achieve industrial revitalization.
Chengdu Furniture Industry Park Management Committee, deputy director Xue Dexian introduction, industrial salvation requires the enterprise's internal management, strategic choice, also need the government's macroeconomic policy support. In recent years, the Council of national Home Furnishing market in-depth research, to develop a series of measures to support the government, such as the 75 manufacturing park to strengthen the transformation and upgrading, strengthening enterprise quality construction, to guide the development of dislocation 10 business project formats, infrastructure construction, to help corporate finance, to participate in park brand promotion, regional promotion. Build Chinese Longqiao Home Furnishing Expo City, explore the park overall marketing...... Formulated these policies to release the energy of the enterprise market, to promote the development of trade and commerce, the purpose is to make all the enterprises in the park, to ease, steady development of the real economy, stimulating industry development.