Bathroom set Domestic bathroom product innovation to strengthen the Chinese manufacturing to create a Chinese
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Throughout the bathroom industry in China, the development of decades has become the world's recognized sanitary ware production, but the national brand has not been internationally recognized. The biggest reason is the lack of original products.Bathroom set
However, the current status of domestic sanitary ware industry product design, but also stay in the traditional design level. In the case of a number of enterprises, it may be more important than concerned about the value of product design. "Design is to beautify the appearance of" this narrow concept, to a certain extent, hindered the development of product design, but also makes the enterprise product knowledge in an "outer packaging" state in the loss of human and artistic color.
Tan Weixiong, deputy general manager of Huayi bathroom technology, said most of the bathroom business to product design lack of specialized capital investment, but also the lack of their own team of designers, the special design of capital investment and industrial support policies are also lack of strength. Because the two key factors of lack of support, to create Chinese manufacturing steps from China although one word, but as yet.
The development history of modern design can be divided into three stages. The first stage is the traditional design, mainly to meet the needs of people's senses, material functional requirements; the second stage, is the modern design, emphasizing to meet people's personalized and diverse needs; the third stage is advanced design, to meet people's material, spiritual needs and ecological requirements for the goal, the pursuit of civilization evolution, human and natural harmony, coordination and sustainable development.
With the development of science and technology, product quality and price is no longer the main contradiction, the future of our competitors will be and we have basically the same technology, similar to the product performance, quality, and market prices, and only the design innovation can be distinguished from our competitors. Therefore, bathroom product innovation design is very important for the enterprise. Whose product design has innovation, who will win the market.